Recent projects

Triangle Consulting opened its virtual doors in February 2019. We expected a quiet start to this new enterprise: consulting is notoriously a tough way to earn a living.

Happily, and with all gratitude to the friends and colleagues who have used and recommended our services, we can now report that we’ve been actually quite busy. How thrilling!

Recent Triangle projects include:

  • indexing the archives of a professional association’s journal, so that members can easily find published materials and the editors can use quotes and references in new articles
  • drafting strategy documents for a wide-ranging information and data management program, and for an academic library’s operations
  • doing an environment scan and business analysis on the intersection of scholarly publishing and Open Access
  • identifying business improvement opportunities for a professional association
  • helping to develop a change management framework for a government department

Are you working on a similar project? Need a bit of help? Contact us to explore the possibilities.

We also delivered the first part of our Add Conference Presenter to Your CV program for 2019, and we’re delighted to report that 100% of participants had their abstract accepted for their chosen professional conference.

The next workshop in the Conference Presenter series will be held in Melbourne on 26 June 2019. In a half-day session we’ll discuss how to structure your conference presentation, how to design effective slides, and ways to engage and interact with your audience. (more info and registration)

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