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When you practise the habits of Working Out Loud, you learn to recognise exciting opportunities when they appear in your day-to-day work.

Twelve months ago, Triangle Consulting undertook an environment scan of Open Access publishing initiatives at universities in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and the USA.

While researching this topic we interviewed a senior business manager at La Trobe University. That conversation was about how the university library’s eBureau operates – and, due to a temporary vacancy in the library, it led to a thoroughly delightful editing project for Triangle Consulting.

The final result was published this week. It’s called Democracy in difference: debating the terms of gender, sexuality, race and identity, by Carolyn D’Cruz.

Many thanks to business manager Andrew Iaucone and publisher Sebastian Kainey for entrusting Carolyn’s manuscript to us for first-pass editing. We provided:

  • feedback on the content and style
  • copy editing of the entire text
  • recommendations for internal cross-referencing
  • a suggestion for the book’s title
  • and a full bibliography

Illustrations, multimedia and typesetting were done by others. Publishing really is a team effort.

The La Trobe University Library’s eBureau releases 3-5 titles each year. Each ebook is researched and written by a La Trobe University academic. Open Access textbooks are primarily intended for university students in specific courses, but the ebooks are free for anybody to download and use, anywhere in the world.

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