Going online, ready or not

Suddenly it seems that everybody’s doing it: moving their training programs, workshops, meetings, seminars and services – even whole conferences – online.

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Although the tools have been available for years, many sole traders, small businesses, NFPs, trainers and consultants have not yet adopted this 21st century way of working.

Not because they’re unwilling or unable – but there are financial costs and technical barriers, and it’s a new skillset to learn. The whole notion of reinventing your business can feel incredibly daunting.

In short, you could use some help.

Triangle Consulting is offering a suite of business admin services, free of charge, to help keep your business going over the next few months.

This limited offer is aimed at:

  • EITHER repurposing your existing workshop or seminar material into an engaging online session for up to 100 participants
  • OR helping you to design a videoconferenced strategic planning session with your key stakeholders, to chart a way forward at this time of great uncertainty

Whichever option you choose, we will take care of:

  • Preparing you to deliver the session – helping with content and interaction design; creating slides that work effectively on mobile and desktop screens; presentation tips and practice
  • Writing copy for your invitations, newsletter, LinkedIn and social media promotions
  • Managing registrations and pre-event communication with participants
  • Hosting your meeting or webinar on Zoom, with tech support during the session for you and the participants
  • Providing an edited recording for your website or intranet
  • Running a post-event participant survey to evaluate the impact and value of the session

All this for free? Yes indeed!

We are experienced teachers, facilitators and event managers. We want to use our specialist skills to do some good at this particularly challenging time.

It’s also a chance for us to learn about you and your business – because we are endlessly curious :-)

This offer is open to small businesses, sole traders, professional associations, start-ups and community organisations based in Australia or Aotearoa. Your online event can happen any time in 2020, but we do ask you to make a booking now.

This offer will expire on 30 April – or earlier, if all the available spots are filled.

Contact us to explore the possibilities.

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