Friday Retro kicks off

A few weeks ago I posted a crazy idea – what if we could run an Agile-style retrospective (‘retro’) meeting for a group of strangers from many different workplaces?

Could it work? Would it help people to navigate this period of upheaval?

Today Sally Newton and I hosted the first Friday Retro for members of ATEM (and anybody else who wants to join in). The fabulous and endlessly patient Leah Boucher of Data Divas took care of the tech support.

Hard to say just yet whether this series of fortnightly gatherings will have the desired effect, but I think we made a good start today.

Couple of observations:

  • when everything is changing, it’s important to give people time to reflect and explore how they’re feeling from moment to moment, day to day (thank you Alex Hanlon for sharing your insights about this)
  • just hearing that others are facing similar challenges can help you feel less lost
  • if you’re introducing new tools or techniques, take it slow and give people time to experiment before you ask them to produce something ‘real’

Looking forward to our next session in a fortnight (Friday 29 May 2020). It’s not too late to join the fun: details and registration on the ATEM website.

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