Adapting the Agile retro model

You may already be familiar with Agile methodology, which is where the ‘retro’ or ‘retrospective’ format comes from.

In an Agile project team you would normally meet at the end of a sprint – a specific piece of work – to review the team’s performance and progress.

But our Friday Retro program doesn’t quite fit that model. Our retronauts all work for different organisations, on different projects, in different states – different countries!

(The 2020 ATEM program has participants from Aotearoa, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.)

Clearly we needed a different model for our remote, divergent retro sessions.

Except – it’s not really that different.

For all of us, in Brad Adriaanse‘s lovely phrase, our sense of order and stability has been upended: that’s what we have in common.

We’re all working on getting through isolation and distancing, figuring out how to juggle working, family and other commitments – and maybe some of us are starting to think about what’s next. That’s our collaborative project.

And so in the Friday Retro program every two weeks we’ll ask ourselves three core Agile retro questions:

  • What went well?
  • What happened that was unexpected?
  • What’s my own focus for the next two weeks?

After each Friday Retro session Sally and I will send out an email with commentary on topics discussed in the session, links to resources, and so on. We are also inviting the retronauts to contact us any time if they have questions or feedback about the Friday Retro program.

Similarly, if you have any comments or ideas, we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or find us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Would you like to introduce new ways of working for your project or team?  Contact us to explore the possibilities.

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