Lessons from lockdown

Readings and exercises for the Strategic Skills for Emerging Leaders program. This page is for the Lessons from lockdown session on 1 September 2020.

Session outline

Facilitated discussion: where are we now and where do we want to be; responses to the pre-reading

Presentation: building your professional network


Venkatesh Rao (2020): Leverage curves vs career paths

Jason Clarke (2012): Change: an open and shut case (the four doors model)

Jason Clarke (2011): Embracing change: a TEDx Perth presentation (video, 18 minutes)

Where are you now?

Katherine Firth (2015) Categorising the kinds of work you do


Where do you want to be?

Marguerite Evans-Galea (2015) Your science career: making a strategic plan


More info: see the complete list of resources for Strategic Skills for Emerging Leaders in 2020.

Image by Jan Tinneberg (unsplash.com)