Friday Retro is on holiday

Such a pleasure to end this week with an ATEM Friday Retro session, the last one for this year.

A brief, regular retrospective session can benefit you and your team in so many ways.

It can build trust among co-workers as they get to know each other – and after a while, you may find that people are willing to discuss those difficult subjects that don’t get aired in other kinds of team meeting.

Better communication and trust amongst team members is the basis for improving both individual and group performance. if you want a high-performing team, a Friday Retro can help you get there.

Tips for running your own retro:

  • be clear about your team’s purpose and goals – write them on a wall, or at the top of your jamboard, if people need a reminder
  • focus on behaviors, not personalities or emotions
  • ask people to reflect on how their own behavior affects the rest of the team
  • emphasise strengths and opportunities, rather than faults and barriers
  • meet regularly, regardless of who’s there on the day; keep going!

Interested? We can facilitate your team’s Friday Retro program, and show the group how to do it themselves.

Photo by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger on Unsplash

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