About us

Principal consultants Sally and Margaret first worked together in 2008 on a strategy development project for the University of Melbourne.

In the last decade we have designed and implemented communities of practice, leadership development programs, service and information management initiatives, process improvements, and strategic plans for multi-million dollar business units.

Between us, we bring a wide range of skills and expertise to developing your career and addressing your business challenges.

In short, we specialise in getting things done.

When needed, we also call on the talents of other specialist freelancers to ensure you get the best possible value from our services.

Now, the introductions . . .


Margaret L Ruwoldt has led many projects based on analysis of qualitative and quantitative data relating to customer (user) experience, UX and service design, business systems and processes, and evaluation of service performance and effectiveness.

Find Margaret on LinkedIn and Twitter @emelaarghh

Her extensive career in higher education includes roles in analytics and process improvement, student services, student recruitment, strategy and planning, international relations, corporate communication, and IT management. She is an experienced trainer and change manager.


Sally Newton’s professional qualifications include secondary school teaching, library management, and graduate studies in communication.

Find Sally on LinkedIn and Twitter @itsallinfo

She joined the University of Melbourne in the 1990s and held various roles including collection management in Australia’s leading law-school library; executive officer to the Vice-Principal Information; and as a senior analyst in the areas of information management and strategy.

We currently work as independent consultants in the higher education and community sectors. We are both members of the Bass Region committee of the Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM).

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