Triangle Consulting’s three-level fee schedule gives you both flexibility and certainty.

Business administration services (virtual assistant)

When you engage Triangle Consulting to undertake recurring tasks, we make a firm monthly commitment of time to support your business.

Your retainer fee (invoiced quarterly) allows for a flexible combination of:

  • scheduled tasks such as minutes of meetings, podcast transcripts or routine analytics reports
  • other admin tasks that arise from time to time (see the list of available services)
  • one-off tasks and small projects, within your monthly time allocation

The following retainer fees apply in the 2020-2021 financial year:

  • $60 per month gets you half a day of work, spread across that month
  • $240 per month gets you 0.5 days a week
  • $400 per month = 1 full day per week
  • $480 per month = 1.5 days per week – that’s a 20% discount!
  • Premium service: 2 full days a week for  $960 per month
  • Gold Class service:  2.5 days a week – $1200 per month

Half a day is enough time to:

  • create and publish a transcript of your podcast
  • write and publish an original blog post based on the contents of your podcast episode
  • schedule up to 10 social media posts publicising the podcast

A typical month on the 0.5 days/week plan could include all of these services:

  • agenda, minutes and action register for your board meeting
  • transcript of a 1-hour podcast
  • writing a blog post based on the podcast’s contents
  • writing and publishing your email newsletter
  • updating your website and scheduling your social media posts for the next month

All fees are in Australian dollars.

One-off tasks

These are smaller projects that are unlikely to recur, for example:

  • an evaluation of your online presence
  • a custom briefing about a specific business topic
  • editing and typesetting an ebook
  • developing a strategic communication and marketing plan for your business

One-off tasks are ideal for entrepreneurs, start-ups, consultants and NFPs that need a bit of occasional help but cannot commit to ongoing admin support.

Fees for one-off tasks are usually based on a daily rate of A$1600. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much work we can do in a single day!

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We will provide a written quote for you to approve before the work begins.

Consultancy services

For more ambitious projects we can put together a flexible team that combines your expertise with our independent insights.

With a multidisciplinary approach and a huge toolbag of proven techniques, we tailor our consultancy services to meet your needs: from strategy and design, through planning and implementation, to monitoring and evaluation.

Our fees for this type of work are normally based on the value of the consultancy service.

Contact us to explore your options.