Editing and publishing services

Communicate your message with clarity and purpose.

Every job is different, and our rates are affordable for most authors, startups, not-for-profits, public sector agencies and established businesses. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Content creation
Research and writing
Illustration, photography

Examples of research assistance:

Peter Macinnis: The killer bean of Calabar

Peter Macinnis: Bittersweet: the story of sugar

Editing of your completed manuscript
Copy editing
Indexing, glossary
Notes and bibliography
Fact checking

Editing examples:

Carolyn D’Cruz: Democracy in difference: Debating key terms of gender, sexuality, race and identity

Stuart Kells: You go high, we go low: Australian pulps 1939 to 1959

Design and production
Design, layout and typesetting (print)
Ebook production (epub, mobi etc)
Interactive PDF
File conversion

Example of layout and typesetting:

Arthur Shelley: Becoming adaptable (paperback)

Example of ebook production:

Arthur Shelley: The organizational zoo (2nd edition)

Advanced editing
Developmental editing
Structural editing
Project management

Example of advanced editing:

Arthur Shelley: Becoming adaptable

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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