Add ‘Conference Presenter’ to Your CV

Two half-day workshops plus one half-day rehearsal session

Individual feedback on your draft abstract and presentation slides

‘Flipped classroom’ approach: participants receive preparatory material and tasks before each workshop

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Becoming a great presenter starts with having something to say. The next step is developing that message into an engaging, informative presentation.

This program prepares you to deliver a presentation at a professional conference or at a staff forum within your own organisation.

The Conference Presenter program comprises two phases:

  1. Drafting and submitting an abstract: encouraging both new and experienced presenters to submit an abstract on a topic relevant to your professional field
  2. Presenting with confidence: learning to design and deliver an effective conference session.

Learning outcomes

After completing this development program, participants will be able to:

  1. Draft an abstract for a practitioner-led professional conference
  2. Respond to reviewers’ feedback on the abstract
  3. Design and lead a successful conference session

Although this program provides skills and feedback for drafting a strong abstract, there is no guarantee that the conference organisers will accept the abstract.

Who should attend

The program is designed primarily for people with beginner-level or intermediate experience as a conference presenter.

It is suitable for early-career researchers (humanities and social sciences) and for professional services staff in tertiary education, public service and not-for-profit organisations.

Feedback from previous participants

We first delivered this program in 2014 for the inaugural staff conference at the University of Melbourne. The program has been adapted for a variety of other regional and national conferences.

“I thought it was excellent.”

“The development program was great for new presenters”

“Continue with what you did this year and support the first timers”


Please contact us to discuss running this program for your organisation or conference.

A single program fee covers the two workshops, rehearsal, individual feedback after each session, and a post-conference check-in with each participant.

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