Survey Data for Non-Analysts

Full-day workshop plus an optional half-day masterclass

Photo of business partners discussing visitors activity statistics
Photo by DragonImages (, used with permission

Many large organisations run regular surveys of their customers and staff. Their results are typically reported at a whole-of-institution level. What happens when you need more detailed information about a service, project or initiative? What if you’re in a small business or a workgroup that doesn’t have access to a team of analysts?

Online tools like SurveyMonkey offer a cheap (or free) mechanism for collecting data and creating simple reports. They are ideal for projects where you need to demonstrate the success of an initiative, explore an idea for a new service, or get a better understanding of customers (students, staff or external).

This workshop provides an introduction to analysing and presenting survey data, with tips for planning a survey, analysing the results and presenting them to others.

Your chosen survey tool should be able to produce basic reports: with a bit of extra effort you can turn your data into a compelling and insightful report or presentation.

Who should attend

Team leaders, new managers, administrative staff who are directly involved in leading small projects and service innovations.

Participants should have some experience with using Microsoft Excel (auto-sum, simple charts and formulas).

You will need to bring a laptop or notebook computer (loaded with a recent version of Microsoft Excel) for use during the workshop.

Learning objectives

After completing this development program, you will be able to:

  1. Draft a data plan for a customer research project
  2. Design and test a prototype of a customer survey
  3. Perform basic analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
  4. Visualise data with appropriate graphs and images
  5. Choose a suitable reporting method for a survey’s results

Not included: creating and running an online survey; analysis of complex data sets; large-scale surveys requiring advanced statistical analysis.

Course dates in 2019

Thursday 28 March (full day), with masterclass on 1 May 2019: bookings via ATEM