Friday Retro

We offer customised training for associations, organisations and individuals. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Online delivery: 30 minutes, every second Friday
  • Fortnightly email with tailored reading lists and resources
  • Highly interactive social learning
  • Available in blocks of 12 weeks, 6 months or a full year

The Friday Retro program brings groups of people together to share experiences and insights on navigating through change.

It’s about slowing down, achieving clarity, making deliberate choices about your own attitudes and behaviours. The program is designed for staff in all professional disciplines, across all salary levels.

In just 30 minutes per fortnight (and for less than the cost of a smashed avo toastie) you’ll track your own progress, celebrating wins and acknowledging setbacks. All this, amongst a welcoming, collaborative community of peers.

Friday Retro can adapt to many different scenarios, for example:

  • offered as a member benefit for a professional association
  • to help transform a newly formed workgroup into a high-performance team
  • in a large organisation where employees need to develop cross-functional networks and collaboration
  • when employees are struggling to cope with significant change: restructures, working from home, etc

Focus on you: Your behaviour affects your whole team or workgroup. Friday Retro helps you to better understand team dynamics and your role in improving the group’s performance and morale.

Short and sharp: Friday Retro gives great value for a minimal investment of
your time. Every second week, you can expect to spend 10-15 minutes reflecting on your fortnight; then 30 minutes participating in the online meeting. That’s it.

Social learning: Facilitated group discussions put you in touch with people from many fields, all facing similar challenges.

Meaningful connections: Through 1-to-1 conversations, Friday Retro gives you opportunities to build your network with meaningful connections across different professions and organisations.

More info: read our articles about Friday Retro


“Well worth the small $ to practice this simple but effective project management technique on “Project Me” – increasing my resilience during the Sydney lockdown/school from home/daycare from home challenge (opportunity?).”

– participant JM, July 2021

“Highly recommended, valuable investment for your own self-development – and as a bonus you get to meet, and get to know, some great people!”

– participant KL, July 2021


Sally Newton and Margaret L Ruwoldt have extensive experience in leading high-performance teams and mentoring professional staff in the tertiary education sector. Sally regularly mentors students and recent graduates in the library, archives and records management professions.

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