4. Leadership journal

Readings and exercises for the Strategic Skills for Emerging Leaders program

Session outline

Facilitated discussion: progress on building your professional network; feedback on starting a leadership journal; creating your own strategic plan (vision, strategy, tactics)

Presentation: ideas and opportunities

Journalling and reflective practice

Henna Inam (2017) To be an effective leader keep a leadership journal

Bullet Journal method – a combination of task management and information capture

Anuja Cabraal (2020) It’s a pandemic, but it’s different for each of us: this is why a research journal is so important right now

Ajuja Cabraal (2013) Keep a research journal: it is important

Jason Fox (2020) Journalling for insight and Flexing introspection


Katherine Firth (2017) Turn your notes into writing using the Cornell Method

Helen Blunden (2020) Writing in a journal

Creative thinking

Austin Kleon (2012) Steal like an artist

Austin Kleon (2015) The benefits of journalling (30 minute video)

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