5. Ideas and opportunities

Readings and exercises for the Strategic Skills for Emerging Leaders program

Session outline

Facilitated discussion: feedback on the diamond diagram exercise; filtering and evaluating ideas; risk and failure

Presentation: complexity and decision-making

Evaluating ideas and opportunities

Jason Clarke (2016) Hazard ahead (a short guide to PESTLE analysis)

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD UK) (2020) PESTLE analysis factsheet with examples and templates

The JISC Guide on Prioritisation describes several methods for evaluating and testing ideas, project proposals, strategies etc. JISC was a UK organisation supporting the use of digital technology in tertiary education.

Dirk Deichmann, Violetta Rodopoulou and Inga Hoever (2019) How to know which ideas your company should pursue

Arun Pradhan (2019) Use these powerful questions to learn more

What if an idea doesn’t pass the test?

Drake Baer (2014) Here’s why successful people all learn to love failure

John Hagel III and John Seely Brown (2010) Do you have a growth mindset?

Heidi Grant, Mary Slaughter and Andrea Derler (2018) 5 mistakes companies make about growth mindsets

Michelle Ockers (2020) Learning Uncut podcast, episode 64: Adopting a growth mindset in an organisation: Katrina Moss

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