6. Complexity and decision-making

Readings and exercises for the Strategic Skills for Emerging Leaders program

Session outline

Facilitated discussion: growth mindset

Presentation: co-creating the future

Suggested reading

Jason Clarke (2020) How to see a way forward

Learning preferences (from our first session)

Unconscious bias

Samantha Lee and Drake Baer (2015) 20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions

Bahar Gholipour (2016) You can’t always trust your own thoughts, and this terrifying chart shows why

Buster Benson (2016) Cognitive bias cheat sheet

Logical fallacies, critical thinking and cognitive biases

Getting support

Nancy Duarte (2018) How to get others to adopt your recommendation

Jesse Lyn Stoner (2012) How to influence without authority

Tanmay Vora (2015) Real influence is a by-product

James E Lukaszewski (2020) Susan’s story

Making decisions

Jason Clarke (2016) So… what do you think?

Jason Clarke (2020) How to see a way forward

David J Snowden and Mary E Boone (2007) A leader’s framework for decision making [the Cynefin framework]

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