7. Co-creating the future

Readings and exercises for the Strategic Skills for Emerging Leaders program

Session outline

Facilitated discussion: visualising and refining your own strategy

Suggested reading

Christine Locher (2020) Reporting requirements: none

Peter C Baker (2020) We can’t go back to normal

Simon Terry (2020) We interrupt this life for an important and urgent break from the usual programming

Harriet Beveridge: Will it make the boat go faster?

From box-ticker to performance partner

Arun Pradhan’s performance design canvas

Ron Carucci (2016) Make strategic thinking part of your job

John Sullivan (2016) Six ways to screen job candidates for strategic thinking

Co-creation, co-design and other people-centred approaches

NESTA Centre for Collective Intelligence

Maria Katsonis (2020) The new practice of public problem-solving

Andrew Jones (2020) How co-design enables organisations to innovate during uncertain times

Free tools and resources from WeAreCoCreative.com to help you work collaboratively on strategy and innovation

Advanced sense-making and problem-solving

Christina Wodtke (2017) Five models for making sense of complex systems

Building Back Better

UN News (2020) What does ‘build back better’ really mean?

OECD (2020) Building back better: a sustainable, resilient recovery after COVID-19

UK Government (2021) Futures thinking and foresight: a brief guide

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