Program outline

Follow the links for readings, exercises and resources for each session in the Strategic Skills for Emerging Leaders program

1. Program launch (kick-off session)

Introductions and getting to know each other

Setting expectations — what we want from this program, how it works

Understanding our individual and group learning preferences

Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

Assessing your current situation and what kinds of strategic thinking skills will help you

Building your professional network

Personal learning networks, social learning

Developing your reflective practice

Starting a leadership journal

Creating your own strategic plan: vision, strategy, tactics

Filtering and evaluating ideas

Risk and failure


Mindset and cognitive bias

How decisions are made in large organisations

Collaboration and stakeholder engagement

Winning support for your ideas

Visualising your own strategy

8. Your personal strategic plan

Finalising your personal plan for the next 12 months